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Referees have a significant, yet unmeasured impact on the outcome of games across sports. Our revolutionary machine learning model incorporates uncaptured sports data on how referee behavior impacts game outcomes.

Our referee insights and crowdsourced data provide our model a competitive advantage when making our sports betting picks. Where other models utilize the existing universe of publicly available sports-related data to inform betting lines, RefRatings quantifies and incorporates the variables that remain uncaptured by official sources. RefRatings empowers fans with a powerful betting advantage.

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Check out all the key stats on NBA referees

Brows the referees below to get to know the NBA’s referees—their tendencies, records, controversies, and backgrounds.

We also offer a variety of Referee Intelligence Reports (RIR) that incorporate our unique crowdsourcing process to vector true officiating accuracy as well as other subjective elements (e.g., was the violation called by one or multiple refs? Was the call late? Is the call on a rookie, star, or veteran?). These hidden data points help us set our unique betting lines and help you win.”